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Product display – images

This configures the product tiles.

  • Product container: Specify the color for the yellow part in the image below.
  • Product images: Here you can set how you want to display the product images. With space around the image or without space.

With space:

Without space:

  • Product images orientation: Choose the image dimension here. Square or rectangular.

Rectangular (320×400 pixels):

Square (320×320 pixels):

  • Grey product images: With this setting you place a gray overlay over your images. See the image above
  • Show second image: This will show the second product image from the list of product images that you have uploaded.

Product display – other

In this section the other settings for the product tiles.

  • Product title height: Here you indicate how much space your product titles need. That’s the space below the image and just above the review stars or shopping cart button. In this way, your product tiles all remain the same height. You choose 1, 2 or 3 lines here. If you have very long titles, choose “as much as needed”.

1 line:

2 lines:

As much as needed:

  • Show wishlist button: Show / hide the wishlist button
  • Show add to cart button: Show / hide the shopping cart button
  • Add to cart behavior: With this you indicate what should happen when you click on the shopping cart button.
    • Add product to cart: When you choose this, the product will be added to the shopping cart
    • Lead to product page: The button leads the customer to the product page.
    • Open the quickshop widget: This will open the quickshop widget. In this way, a customer can quickly choose a product variant and add it to the shopping cart.
  • Show compare button: Show / hide the compare button
  • Hide reviews: Show / hide the review stars
  • Review stars color: The color of these review stars
  • Sale label color: Color of the sale labels. The labels that are shown when a product has a discounted price.
  • Hide custom product labels: The product labels that you can create yourself. Read below how to create those labels

To create custom labels, do the following: Go to Settings > Workflow > Extra template data. Activate this. Then go to a product and scroll all the way down. you will now see 3 data fields there. In data_01 you enter the color of the label and the text for the label. You do that as follows:

In the example above you see # ff6000: New. # Ff6000 is the color for the label. Then a colon follows. Then enter the text for the label. In this case it is “new”.

  • Hide discount label: Hide / show the sale labels
  • Brand name label: Hide / show the brand names just above the product titles.
  • Currency symbol: Hide / show the currency symbol for the product price.

This is the left column on a category page with, among other things, the filters in it. You choose here whether you want to show the recently visited products or not.


In this section you set the filters in the sidebar.

  • Filters set a background color: Give the sidebar a contrasting background color.
  • Subcategories: This shows the subcategories of this open category. This allows you to help your customer find the product they are looking for faster.
  • Hide brands filter: This will hide the default brands filter from Lightspeed. If you work a lot with brands in your shop, it is useful to enable this function and create a new filter with all brands in it. The Lightspeed brand filter can only filter 1 brand at a time.
  • Hide price filter: Hide the price filter.


With this you can move the category texts and show or hide the category image.

  • Category description: Choose where you want to display your category text. Most common is at the bottom of the page. However, you can also split the text. So partly at the top and partly at the bottom. To do that, place a tag in your text category. You do that in the following way

The text contains a [break] The text above this tag is placed at the top and the text below this tag is placed at the bottom.

Updated on May 19, 2021

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