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This is a unique feature of Deviant. A closed checkout. With a closed checkout you remove all disruptive elements from the payment pages. This should ensure that you have fewer cart abandoners and ultimately your conversion gets a huge boost.

We tested this feature in multiple shops over the past year and all shops showed a big increase in conversion and up to 25% fewer cart abandoners.

You can see the exact difference in the images below:

Normal checkout:

Closed checkout:

In the second image you can see that elements such as the search, links to the customer service etc have all been removed.

The entire footer has also been removed. That ensures fewer disruptive elements.

Of course not every shop is the same so perhaps that this does not work for every shop, but the ones we have tested (10 shops) all showed very nice results.

Free shipping

Here you set the amount from which you offer free shipping. This amount will be used across your store to show messages about how many people have left to order in order to receive free shipping.

Review widget

This is where you set up your review widget. This is also used throughout the shop. For example on the product page and in the top bar.

This function is important to build trust with your customers.



Choose your provider and then set a number of parameters:

– Review maximum score: Your provider’s maximum score. So that’s 5 (for Trusted shops) or 10 (for example kiyoh or webwinkelkeur)

– Review average: Your average score

Company profile

Enter your company details here. These are used in the footer and on the customer service page.

Most companies with verification and quality marks need this information in order to verify your store. So fill this out if you can.

Customer service

This is an important section.

Here you indicate how people can reach you and at what times.

– Show open/close message: Show an open / closed message or a link to your opening hours.

– Openingstijden: Specify what times you are open for customer service each day. The format is as follows:

Updated on May 19, 2021

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