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In the theme it is possible to create a “shop the look” page. With such a page you can, for example, sell a set of clothes as individual products.


“Extra template data” staat niet standaard ingeschakeld. Go to: >Settings> Workflow > Then tick “Extra template data” .

To create a shop the look page for a product, do the following. Create a new product with, for example, the name “Shop the look”. Then paste the tag [lookbook] in “extra template data” > data_02

The next step is to add a product bundle to this product.

When you do that, the template converts your page into the example at the top of this page.

Product page columns

With these blocks you can set up your product page as you want.

There are 3 different blocks with their own content. You can display this wherever you want.

Product page settings

Continue to set up the product page with the settings below.

  • Product images: Select here how you want to display the product images.


As bocks:

  • Hide short description: Hide the short description of the product
  • Hide ean: Hide the EAN number. Handy if you sell via Bol.com or Amazon, for example.
  • Show stock level: Show the current stock level of the product
  • Hide quantity input: This will hide the “quantities” box next to the shopping cart button
  • Product variants as blocks: By default, variants are shown in a select dropdown. With this setting you can change that.
  • Variants as blocks style: Select here how you want to display the variants. As pictures or as blocks.

As images:

As blocks:

  • Inventory per location [Omnichannel Only]: When using omnichannel you can show a popup of your stock with this setting.
  • Datafield video: Select here whether you want to use data_03 as the product video field. If you activate this, you can paste a link in data_03 to eg a youtube video.

A link is then created on the product page with a popup of your product video.

  • Product description contrast: This gives the product description a contrasting color.
  • Show size table: Allows you to show a size table. To use this function you need to create a “Size chart” page. You do that as follows:

Go to Content > Pages . Then create a new page called “Size chart”. This name should be exactly like that.

Then click on this button in the text editor

Then paste the following code into the text box

<div class="sizetable">


Click on “save”. Then you can format the text as you want, for example in a table with/without pictures etc. This page will then be shown in a popup on your product page.

Updated on October 20, 2021

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