07. Page homepage

Homepage blocks

You can create your homepage in Deviant just the way you want it.

At this moment the Instagram feed no longer works. This is due to changed Instagram / Facebook guidelines.

The homepage consists of 10 blocks. Each block consists of:

  • Content: The content of this block
  • Background color: The background color of this block
  • Text color: text color

Home Block 1 also has an additional option. “Block 1 margin”, with this setting you add space above this block.

Block 1 with margin

Block 1 without margin

Homepage settings

In this section you can further refine your homepage.

  • Homepage content link: When you use the text on the homepage (Content > Pages > Homepage) you can set the link to a page here. This can be any page you want. Leave this blank to not show a link.
  • Products section main title + Products section main subtitle: The title and subtitle of the block with the “products front page” or the products block
  • Products 2 (new and popular) title + subtitle: The title and subtitle for the block containing “products 2”. These are the popular and newest products.
  • Popular products + newest products: With this setting you enable or disable the newest or most popular products.
  • Brands section main title + subtitel: The title and subtitle of the carousel brands section.
  • Homepage tags: Enable or disable the tags on the homepage
  • Category layout: With this setting you can display your categories on the homepage in 3 columns or in blocks.

3 Columns:

In blocks:

  • Banner blocks margin: With this setting you can indicate whether you want to give margin to the blocks with banners in it. So banner block 1 or 2. See an example below:

With margin:


In this area you set up your banners on the homepage.

  • Banner blocks layout: Choose whether the banners should be displayed on the entire width of the screen or whether they should be centered.

full width:



In this section you set the headlines. The headlines do not necessarily have to be at the top of the page. You can place these on the page where you want with the homepage blocks.


First, choose the headlines layout;

  • Headlines layout: Here you can choose fullwidth or fullscreen

Headline video

  • Choose here whether you want to activate the video headline. This will be placed before the very first slide.
  • Then choose the platform. Youtube or HTML5 videos.
  • Enter the video ID. For Youtube, copy the ID as you see it in the address bar of your browser. So for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWbijRYhuZs. Where the yellow part is your ID that you paste in the theme settings.
  • In the case of an HTML5 video, upload the video first in Tools > Files

Then copy the entire link and paste it into the video ID field.

Headline 1 t/m 3

  • Each headline has 3 different images. These are intended for desktop, tablet and mobile. Download one of the 3 templates. This way you can be sure that you have the correct proportions.
Updated on May 19, 2021

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