03. Header

Notification bar

With this bar you can show important messages directly to your customers. For example important shipping updates or special promotions with a discount code.

Enable or disable it here.

  • Notification bar visibility: You set here whether the bar should always be visible throughout the shop or whether it can be closed. If this can be closed, a session cookie is placed. When you visit the shop again, the bar is displayed again.

Mobile shop

1. Mobile menu header

With this setting you can show an image above your mobile menu or turn it off.

2. Mobile menu image

Upload here the image that will be shown when no category image is available.

3. Mobile navigation border color

This sets the border color between your mobile menu button + the search bar and the bar with your logo. This is especially useful if you are using a color other than white for your header.


The topbar is visible above your header. Swith the topbar on/off with this setting.

Here you set the text color and background color for this section. So the part as indicated above.

  • In this section you set the background color and the text color of your navigation. Since these are one of your most important elements in your shop, it is useful to use contrasting colors.
  • Navigation dropdown background color: This is the background color of the dropdown of your menu.
  • Menu style:Here you choose what kind of dropdown menu you want.
    1. Subcategories with sub-sub categories in columns: This menu is also called a mega menu and is especially useful when you have many subcategories.
  1. Default flyout menu: This is a standard dropdown menu, especially useful if you have few subcategories.

Custom navigation

– Show custom navigation items: Set here whether you want to show custom navigation behind the standard navigation. See the image below and the link “Some test link”.

Some test link

If you activate this, you must first create a custom navigation. You do that by going to Design > Navigation . Then click on “add menu”. Name the navigation custom_linklist .

Create a new navigation called “custom_linklist”
Then add some links/categories/pages


Here you define the unique selling points. These are the points that set your shop apart from other shops.

These are displayed in several places in your shop. Such as in the top bar, footer, product pages and the checkout. So make sure you use distinctive and short texts. For example, free shipping works less well than always free shipping.

Updated on June 3, 2021

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