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This section will set up a review widget. This review widget is used to create trust with your clients.

  • Activate review widget: This will activate either the standard review widget or the custom one.
  • Review widget: You can choose here to create a custom widget or to use a standard widget.

Note: The settings used to create a custom widget all have [custom] in front of the setting. The standard ones have [standard] in fornt of the setting.

Setting up a custom widget

  • [custom] Which review company do you use?: Select your review company. The theme will automatically load the correct image.
  • [custom] Review url: Paste the url to your review page. This is the page where all your reviews are showed.
  • [custom] Review maximum score:This is the maximum scorer you can get with this reviewer. So this will either be 10 or 5 depending on the reviewer you use.
  • [custom] Total reviews:This is the amount of reviews you have gathered.
  • [custom] Review average:This is the average score you have scored.

Note: The custom review widget is also used as rich snippets. Rich snippets is a Google code that will show those yellow stars in the organic search results of Google.

Setting up a standard widget

With these settings you can add a customer review widget or product review widget to your shop. This is very usefull to give your potential customer a little help in the deciding process.

When signing up with one of the many review companies you’ll get instructions on how to set up the widget. We have done al the work for you so you only need to provide appropiate ids or keys to make the widget to work.

  • Kiyoh:Provide your shop id to show the widget. You’ll find the id in your account. Mostly something like: 1234
  • Webwinkelkeur widget: Provide your shop id to show the widget. You’ll find the id in your account. Mostly something like: 1234
  • Trusted shops:You can choose between 2 widgets. Refer to your Trusted shops account for further info. Your id looks something like: X17BD396442BCEE0808C79156D0E95F97
  • Yotpo reviews: This is the pre-installed app from Yotpo. Activating this will hide the normal SEOshop reviews. Your appkey looks something like: JwKS8tePQhhupx4rs0CKcs3xut3dG6DdZpyDxQWv
  • Trustpilot: Provide yoour Trusted Shops id. Looks something like: 496b0cf7000064000504084b
Updated on June 24, 2021

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