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As the first theme for Lightspeed eCom, we have created a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in collaboration with our partner Codetech that allows you to easily convert your images in your shop to WebP images.

We have a special discount promotion especially for users of our themes so that you can also use WebP.

Up to 10,000 items: from €29.95 for €19.95 per month
– Each additional batch of 5000 items: from €10 for €7.50 per month

The above numbers therefore concern “products” and not individual images. Simple calculation example: if you have 15000 products, you do not pay €39.95 per month but €27.45 per month. It doesn’t matter if your products have 1 or 10 images.

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Read more below about the difference between a shop with WebP and a shop without WebP. For an explanation about WebP itself, look here https://developers.google.com/speed/webp

Simply put, WebP ensures that less data needs to be loaded to make your shop fully visible to the user. This is especially important on mobile. Google finds a fast, well-functioning mobile shop increasingly important. We have already noticed that poorly performing webshops actually lose positions in the Google search results.

So if you see the images below in Google Pagespeed , it is advisable to read on.

No WebP images
Site does not pass the pagespeed test
Bad overall score

With the above problems, WebP optimization point is number one. Especially when it comes to Pagespeed optimization or compliance with Webvitals .

Theme Department v3 without WebP
Theme Department v3 with WebP

As you can see, it saves quite a lot of loading time when you switch to WebP images. Theme Department v3 is already well optimized in itself, at least as much as is possible within Lightspeed. However, by activating WebP images you score a lot better, which can also give you advantages in the rankings of Google.

Updated on January 21, 2022

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