The section topbar are settings for below image. So the part of your shop above your logo.

The settings for this section are pretty self explanatory.

  • Hide topbar: This setting hides the topbar completely. Usefull when you don’t use any of the settings above. Hide the topbar to get rid of the empty space above your logo.
  • Topbar message: This is usefull to show important messages to your customers. So tell them you have a special offer, or tell them you are on holiday from xx to xx. Things like that
  • Topbar custom link: This is usefull to link to a different shop. A lot of shops have a seperate B2B shop and a consumer shop. So make it easy for your customers to click quickly to the appriopiate shop. Offcourse you can use this setting to link to a page in your shop or to an external link etc.
Updated on June 24, 2021

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