Daily deal

In this section you can set a daily product deal, or a longterm product deal.

When you want to put attention to a product and create urgency for it, this setting is really usefull.

The various settings are explained below

  • Deal product url: First set a link to your product you want to display
  • Deal product image: You can choose which image of that product you want to show. So if you want to show a custom image for this product then upload that custom image at your product. Set it for example as image 10 (or as last image). Then choose image 10 (or corresponding image number) and your custom image is shown. This is really usefull if you don’t want to mess with your images in your normal category pages.
  • Deal end date: Set a end date for your deal here. The format is DD-MM-YYYY.
  • Show stock level: When activating this option the actual stock level is shown.
  • Deal stock level text: When you choose to show the stock level then you can create urgency here. As described the actual stock level is showed in your text when you use $1. That $1 will be automatically replaced with the actual stock level. So choose any text you like but don’t foerget to use $1 somewhere in your text.
Updated on June 24, 2021

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