04. Advanced

This section contains a number of functions that are mainly shop specific.

  • B2B: With this function you can show the prices inclusive and exclusive. A “business” link is also shown in the header
Including and excluding VAT
Link in header

This feature only works when you set your prices excluding VAT

  • Checkout pages: Here you can set whether you want to make your checkout closed.

With a closed checkout you remove all disturbing elements from the payment pages. This should ensure that you have fewer cart abandoners and ultimately your conversion gets a huge boost.

We tested this feature in multiple shops over the past year and all shops showed a big increase in conversion and up to 25% fewer cart abandoners.

You can see the exact difference in the images below:

The normal checkout with a normal header and footer
A closed checkout with only the logo in the header and the payment methods in the footer
  • Free shipping setting: Here you can set from how many euros you offer free shipping. When you fill this in and qualify a customer for free shipping, this message will be shown in several places.

Review widget/Rich snippets

This is where you set up your review widget. This is also used throughout the shop. For example on the product page and in the top bar.

This function is important to build trust with your customers.

Company profile

Enter your company details here. These are used in the footerand on the customer service page.

Most companies with verification and quality marks need this information in order to verify your store. So fill this out if you can.

Contact details in the footer

Customer service page

Here you indicate at which times your customer service is open. These times are also used to show an open/closed message in the footer.

  • The format for the times is 09.00 -24.00
  • Store image: You can upload an image of your store here. Or of course any other desired image. This is shown on the customer service page.
Store image
Updated on December 29, 2021

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