Theme settings

Background options

You can set a background image and a background color for your shop here.

  • Background image is used as background image behind all of your content.
  • Background color sets the background color of your webshop

Upload your logo here.

We have two different header styles, so have a look below which logo size corresponds with your choosen header style.

Header 1 (default style)
  • use a transparent .png in 240×80 pixels
Header 2
  • use a transparent .png in 250×40 pixels

Upload a favicon. A favicon is a small logo which is displayed in your browser address bar. Use a 16×16 or 32×32 pixels transparent .png image

Colors + fonts

These settings will set the colors for your theme. So your main color and your secondary color.

  • Primary color: This color will be the main color used throughout your theme.
  • Secondary color: This will be your second color used throughout your theme. Mainly used for lesser important items.
  • Title font: This is the font used for all your titles. Titles like popular products, category titles, product titles etc.
  • Title border: This is a second border showed underneath your title text. See the green border below your title in the image below.
  • Title border color: This is the color to be used for this border.


These settings are mentioned to create buttons. There are three buttons used in the theme.


Used for your most important buttons. These are your call to action buttons, like add to cart.


Used for your lesser important buttons, like subscribe to newsletter.


Used for buttons that do not need much attention or call to action. Buttons like filters or View more/all.

Updated on december 23, 2021

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