In this section you can setup your horizontal navigation. Again the navigation differs for both header styles.

The navigation for header 1 is:

The navigation for header 2 is:

Below settings are for header 1.

  • Navigation text hover: This setting is a color for your navigation item when you go over it with your mouse.

This setting also sets the background color for the dropdown menu as showed below.

The other settings describe the font used for these items.

  • Navigation font: Use a nice font that fits your shop.
  • Navigation font style: Make it uppercase or lowercase
  • Navigation font weight: Set the font as normal thickness, thick or extra thick

The other settings in this section are just for hiding/showing the different standard navigation options.

  • To hide different standard links just activate the button next to it
  • When using header 1 you can set the color for the label that will show up above you discounted products.

The navigation uses standard links provided by Lightspeed. It is possible to create your own custom navigation links. To create custom navigation items go to -> Design -> Navigation -> click “deafult”. From here you can add custom items. The theme will automatically replace the standard navigation with your custom navigation.

Updated on december 23, 2021

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