Homepage settings

Homepage style

The theme comes with three different homepage styles. Select one that fits your needs.

Default style with column right

Below you’ll see a column on the right hand side with banners and a product list.

One large column on the left

Below you’ll see one large column on the left hand side. This column contains a product list and banners

Fullwidth content container

Below you’ll see that content strech to full width. So the columns on the right or left side are gone.

Homepage content

In this section you can set a welcome text for your visitors.

Before this section will show up on your homepage, please fill the page Homepage first. Found at Content -> Pages -> Homepage

  • Homepage content background color: This setting will add a background color.
  • Homepage content image: You can set an image here to show next to your text. Leave blank to let the text stretch to full width. Best size for this image is 438×388 pixels
  • Homepage content link: You can set a link to a custom page here. Leave blank to not show a read more link.

Product list

This part of the settings will setup a custom product list. You can use this list for any koind of product. In our example we have used it to show the best choices for 4K TV’s. However you can use it for Valentine deals, or for any kind deal you want.

The settings below will setup a custom list.

  • Product list widget title: Set a catchy title here whicjh describes your list best.
  • Product list: Set a link to a category here. Only use the categroy title in url format. See below for explaination.

So in below example we use 4K ultra HD category as example. When we open our shop and navigate to that category, you’ll see in your address bar the part you have to place in the Product list setting above. When your category is named “Super awesome stuff”, then you paste super-awesome-stuff in the setting product list.

You can setup a custom category for this list. If you want to show just some particulary products you can create a new category for this. Add those products and set the product list to that category.

Other settings

Below are the other settings which are not described.

  • You can show/hide the various products on the homepage.
  • You can tell the theme here to show the various products in a carousel or just as static images.

Note: Setting the products to static will only show the first 4 products.

Updated on december 23, 2021

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