Customer service

This section will describe how to setup your customer service section.

The first few settings are mentioned to create your opening hours. So people will see an open/closed message near the customer service section.

  • Set hours per day: Just describe what your opening hours are. When you are closed on a certain day just type closed. Otherwise type your opening time and closing time like so – So for opening at 09.00 and closing at 18.00 you’ll have to type 09.00-18.00. That’s all.

The next few settings are mentioned to setup which customer service channels you offer. So the channels where clients can go to ask questions or to find information.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: This will add a link to your frequently asked questions on your customer service page
  • Email address: Set the email address where client questions can be send.
  • Email address average response time: Set the average response time for this channel. This will give people an idea on when to expect an answer from you. You can leave this blank when you don’t want to use this function and just show the email address.

Note: Above settings are the same for all other options except for the live chat function.

  • Live chat: Currently only the free live chat is incorporated in the theme. We’ll be adding new chat options soon. To make this work just paste the link from your chat widget. Refer to your dashboard for this link.
  • Customer service icon color: This is the color for the icons used for your customer service channels.
  • Customer service image: This is the image that will be showed in the customer service section. Use a transparent .png in the size 125×125 pixels.
Updated on december 23, 2021

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