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The theme uses a few translation keys which are not translated by default in the Lightspeed system. Therefore it’s important to add these translations. Therefore it’s important to add these translations.

Adding a translation is very easy. Go to:

Content> translations> button “Add custom translation”

In the “translation key” field, type or paste the keys as you find them at the bottom of this page. You can then add your own translation for each language.

The following translation keys should be added. The second column states what it is used for. WARNING! These keys are case sensitive.

Translation keyFor
View $1 resultsThe filter button with the number of search results. The $1 will be automatically replaced by the actual number of results found
View all newest productsThe link to all the latest products on the homepage
Availability in storeWhen you use omnichannel/Retail/POS, this will be shown with the stock on the product page.
Only $1 leftThe low stock notification. The dollar sign is automatically replaced by the current stock.
Available inAt the product tiles when you enable variants with extra product info
Sold out Sold out notification when you activate extra product info.
OnlineWhen the chat is online
awayWhen the chat is temporarily unavailable
OfflineWhen the chat is offline
Open chatLink to open the chat
Useful linksOn mobile in the footer
Leave a messageWhen the chat is offline
Now openedFor customer service opening hours
Can we help?For customer service opening hours
Call usFor customer service opening hours
Send us an email For customer service opening hours
Chat with usFor customer service opening hours
Open the chatFor customer service opening hours
Send us a messageFor customer service opening hours
Tax ID numberFor customer service opening hours
$1 customers give us a $2 at $3On the product page in the customer service section. The dollar signs are automatically replaced with the correct values.
Arrange yourselfOn the customer service page in the left column.
We send a confirmation email toOn the “thank you page” after placing an order.
Do you have any questions On the “thank you page” after placing an order.

IMPORTANT! The translation keys are case sensitive and spaces are also included in the translation. If a translation does not work, first check whether the translation key is correct.

Example: If you enter “Translation1” as the translation key and then create it as “Translation 1” or “Translation1” or “Translation 1 ” (ie with a space at the end) then the translation will not work.

Updated on February 22, 2022

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