08. Product page

With these blocks you can set up your product page the way you want.

Product page columns left + right + fullwidth column

There are a total of 8 blocks that you can set. Blocks 1 to 4 are in the left column. Blocks 5 to 7 in the right column. The last column spans the entire width of the page. You are completely free to set up the blocks as you wish.


The theme has a unique feature, which is fully focused on mobile use. In addition to the standard dropdown with variants, there is a side menu with the variants. This menu is completely customizable.

You can choose in the menu to show the variant photo, if it is not there the main image of the product will be shown. You can enable/disable the price of the variant. This is especially useful when you work with different prices.

Variants menu

Product page settings

With these settings you can further configure the product page.

  • Datafield video: With this setting you can use additional template data_03 as product video. Set a link to the video and an icon will be shown next to the product image.
Video icon
  • [mobile only]Sticky add to cart button: This function only applies to mobile. If you enable this, the “add to cart” button becomes sticky and scrolls through the screen.
sticky button
  • Show cutoff timer: This allows you to show a countdown clock that shows how much time you have left to ensure that the order is shipped the same day.
  • Cutoff timer end time: Enter the time until you ship the order the same day.
cut-off timer

Add pluses and minuses

It is possible to show pros and cons of a product in the theme.

Pros and cons h ttps://theme-department-v3.webshopapp.com/nl/xbox-series-s-512-gb-all-digital-white-12 1122047.html

To set this up you need to create a product specification with the name plus or minus .

See the images below

Create specifications named “plus” or “minus”
Enter the value and that will be shown as plus or minus
Updated on January 21, 2022

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