07. Category page

These settings concern the category pages

Product display

The product tile
  • Product images: Set here whether you want to show the images with space or justified.
  • Product images orientation: Set here whether you want to stretch the image in height.
  • Gray product images: Set whether you want to give the image a gray background.
  • Show second image: Allows you to show a second image when you mouse over the product tile.
  • Product title height: Allows you to set the height of the product titles. If you have many different lengths of product titles, for example 1, 2, 3 and 4 lines, you can use this function to keep the product tiles level.
  • Add to cart behaviour: With this you set what should happen when you click on the shopping cart button. In our example the green button on the left.
  • Extra product info: With this you set what extra product information you want to show in the product tile. You have several options with this option:
  • Availability: Shows an available/unavailable notification. This availability is not linked to your actual stock . This is shown as:
  • Real stock with shipping info: Shows the actual stock and the actual shipping time.
Real stock with shipping info
  • Show available product variants: Shows the available product variants. It is also indicated whether this variant is in stock or not.
Show available product variants
  • [Real stock]Short stock level: When you chooseReal stock with shipping info you can indicate here when the “low stock warning” should appear. The color for this warning is color yellow in the theme colors settings . This function is especially useful to create a certain urgency with your visitor. After all, there are only x in stock 🙂
Low stock notification
  • Product data_02 as specifications: With this function you can use “extra template data_02” as an important product specification list.
Product specifications

To use this function you must first activate the function “extra template data”. You can then enter data_02 for each individual product. The fastest for multiple products is of course making an export of your products and then filling the column data_02. Then import the sheet again.

Data 02 with product specifications

It is also possible to use the actual product specifications (ie filled in under product specifications ). However, this is a shop-specific adjustment and can therefore only be done via a custom order. Please contact support@webdinge.nl for this.

  • Hide custom product labels: The product labels that you can create yourself. Read below how to create those labels

To create custom labels, do the following: Go to Settings > Workflow > Extra template data. Activate this. Then go to a product and scroll all the way down. you will now see 3 data fields. In data_01 you enter the color of the label and the text for the label. You do that as follows:

In the example below you see #ff6000:New . Here #ff6000 is the color for the label. Then follows a colon. Then you type the text for the label. In this case it’s ” new“.
If you want to add multiple labels to the same product, separate the labels with a comma. So you then get:

#ff6000:New, #ff6000:Other label, #ff6000:Another label


With these settings you can adjust the filter column on the category page.

  • Filters set a background color: With this setting you can give the filter column a gray background color.
  • Hide brands filter: Hide the default brands filter
  • Hide price filter: Hide the price filter


With this you can move the category texts and show or hide the category image.

  • Category description: Choose here where you want to show your category text. Most common is at the bottom of the page. However, you can also split the text. So partly at the top and partly at the bottom. To do that, place a tag in your category text. You do that in the following way

The text contains a [break] The text above this tag is placed at the top and the text below this tag is placed at the bottom.

  • Hide category image: Hide the category image
Updated on January 20, 2022

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