05. Homepage

You can build your homepage in Department v3 exactly as you wish.

Homepage block 1 to 9

The homepage consists of 10 blocks.

Each block consists of:

  • Content: The content of this block, you can choose from:
    • Headlines: This is the part with the spotlight banner and possibly the side navigation
    • Featured products: These are the products that you set at Design > Producten voorpagina
    • Popular products: The popular products. These are automatically generated by Lightspeed
    • Newest products: The newest products. These are automatically generated by Lightspeed
    • Categories : The categories. You set this at Design > Categorieen voorpagina
    • Banner block: This is the banner block.
    • Blog: When you have a blog active you can use it to show the articles on the front page
    • Brands: The carousel brands
    • Homepage text : This is the text you enter at Inhoud > Pagina's > Homepage
  • Background color: The background color of this block
The headlines

Homepage settings

In this section you can further refine your homepage.

  • Homepage content link: When you use the text on the homepage (Content> Pages> Homepage) you can set the link to a page here. This can be any page you want. Leave this blank to not show a link.
  • Make featured products a top list: When you activate this you can make a top/best sold list of your featured products . You can set the featured products atDesign > producten voorpagina . When you use this with the function[Real stock] Short stock level (see section “product display”) then you can create urgency with your customer to buy the product. This way of working generated a number of % more sales in our test.
A top 5 list
  • XX products title: Allows you to give a different title to your products section. If you leave this blank, the default title will be used. This applies to all sections with products, brands or, for example, blog.
  • Brand logo color: With this you can set whether you want to show your brand logos in color or black and white.
Black and white
  • Category layout: Here you set whether you want to show the categories on the homepage with or without subcategories.
simple blocks
With subcategories
  • Homepage text content: Choose here which content you want to display next to your homepage text.
A video as content next to the homepage text

Hero banner, banner block and other banners

All banners on the homepage have the same way of setting. They also have the same functions to make a nice banner out of it.

  • Banner X activate: Activate the banner. If you do not activate a banner, the theme will fill the available space with the other banners (if available). So keep this in mind when you want to make custom images. So be sure to check out the dimensions section for images
  • Banner X image type : You can use the banner image in 2 ways. As normal image and as background image.
As normal picture
As background image

When you choose a normal image and it concerns 1 of the hero banners, the image will be slightly cropped on the right. This is “by design”.

  • Banner X overlay: Allows you to overlay a gradient shadow over your image.
without gradient
with gradient
the gradient
  • Banner side 1 text contrast: Set here whether you want to give your banner text contrast. In some cases this makes your text a bit clearer.
The text with contrast

sports light

By spotlight we mean the section with the banner in between the hero banners and the navigation. The settings are classified in[general] ,[text] and[product] . These settings correspond to the setting[General] Spotlight content

The spotlight section
  • [General]Spotlight content: Set here whether you want to use the spotlight as a normal banner or as a banner with a product in it.
  • [General]Spotlight background fullwidth: With this setting you can make the banner screen wide or not.
normal size
  • [General]Spotlight stretched image: This setting allows you to stretch the image to the available space. Especially useful when you have an image that is not completely customized.
Image too small and not stretched
Image too small stretched to fullwidth

The spotlight product
  • [Product]Spotlight button title: The text on the spotlight product button
  • [Product]show countdown clock: With this function you enable the countdown clock.
  • [Product]countdown end date: When you switch on the clock, you set the end date here. The format is 31-01-2022, so DD-MM-YYYY.
  • [Product]Countdown end time: Set the end time here.
Updated on December 30, 2021

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