02. Footer

The settings below relate to the bottom of your webshop.

the footer

Set the background color, text color and the color of the icons here.

The footer ups

These settings refer to the darkest part in the image below. So the columns “information” and “contact details”.

  • Footer background color: This is the background color for the entire footer.

These settings are for your customer service section in the footer. So the (lighter) part with the image in it.

Footer service section
  • Service section background color: Set the background color of the service section here. In our theme, we’ve darkened it a bit to put more focus on this section. However, you can also make this color the same as the entire footer.
  • Service section icon color: This is the color for the icons.
  • Show open/close message: With this setting you show whether your customer service is currently open (by telephone). If you are closed, this message will disappear.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: With this option you show a link to your frequently asked questions
Link to “frequently asked questions”
  • Live chat: The Tawk.to app is built into the theme. With this option you can activate this app. Read the detailed explanation here . To activate this function, enter your Tawk.to ID here.
  • Trustmark provider: Select the desired trustmark here. If you have a quality mark that is not in the list, you can upload your own custom logo / quality mark in the setting below.
  • [different]Upload a different trustmark logo: Upload your image here if your trustmark is not in the list.
  • Customer service image: Upload the image for your service section here. It is best to use an image of 360×680 pixels. However, 180×340 pixels is also possible.

It is possible to add extra links in the footer outside the standard links. That works the same as adding additional links in the navigation.

You decide where the link is visible. You can choose from the information column and the customer service column or both, of course.

Go to > Design > Navigation > Button “add menu”

Name the menu custom_linklist_cs , then add one or more links

Go to > Design > Navigation > Button “add menu”

Name the menu custom_linklist_info , then add one or more links.

Updated on October 27, 2022

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