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When you enable this feature, you convert all your images into WebP images. Read more about why this is important and how you can enable it here.

We have a special discount promotion especially for users of our themes so that you can also use WebP.

Up to 10,000 articles: from €29.95 for €19.95 per month
– Each additional batch of 5000 items: from €10 for €7.50 per month

The above numbers therefore concern “products” and not individual images. Simple calculation example: if you have 15000 products, you do not pay €39.95 per month but €27.45 per month. It doesn’t matter if your products have 1 or 10 images.

Use this form to request the position for your theme

Upload your logo in this area.

We recommend using an SVG logo as it is much sharper and more beautiful than any other file format.

On this page you will find the dimensions

SVG logo:

Upload your logo under Tools > Files copy the link and paste it into Logo SVG.

You can include the same link in Mobile Logo SVG as well, but you can create a separate logo for your mobile webshop.

Logo dimensions : Choose here which logo style you want. Square or rectangular. The dimensions are there, but you can also look here.Logo background

– Logo background: Choose here whether you want to add a background color to your logo. If so, choose the color for the next setting.

– Logo background color: Choose the background color of your logo here. If your logo already has a color, turn off the Logo Background option.

Logo padding: Set here how much space you want around your logo. By that we mean the purple part in the picture below

Favicon: This is the small logo in your browser, use a square image.

Set your Unique Selling Points (USPs) here. These are the points that distinguish your shop from other shops.

These are displayed in several places in your shop. Such as in the top bar, footer, product pages and the checkout. So make sure you use distinctive and short texts. For example, free shipping works less well than always free shipping.

To make certain text in your USP bold , do the following:
Place the text you want to make bold between< b></b> tag.
<b> Always free< /b> shipment.

Notification bar

With this bar you can show important messages directly to your customers. For example important shipping updates or special promotions with a discount code.

  • Activate notification bar : Enable or disable the notification bar.
  • Notification bar visibility : Here you set whether the notification bar should always be visible throughout the entire webshop, or whether the notification bar can be closed.
  • Notification bar code: Here you can enter a discount code.

Set the background color and the text color for the header here. This is the area where your logo will appear.

  • Header button hover color: This is the color for the buttons when you hover over them with your mouse. This is also the color for the “all categories” button.

This section concerns your navigation, so it is very important. Since you have several options how you want to set the navigation, we have divided the settings into [general], [vertical] and [horizontal]. General are the general settings. The rest corresponds to the navigation option you have chosen.

  • [General]Navigation setup: Choose here where you want to show the navigation.
Next to hero image
under the logo
  • [General]Menu style: Choose here what kind of menu you want. A mega menu or a simple drop-down menu.
Drop-down menu
Mega menu
  • Mega menu last column content: Here you set what you want to show at the bottom of your mega menu.
The brands in this category
The first 2 products in the category

1) When you choose “products”, the theme takes the first 2 products from the category. Furthermore, you get as title what the category is sorted by. In the above case, therefore, “Most viewed”.

2) The “products” option only works when the category is a “product overview” category. So not when it’s a “catalog” or “text page”. As soon as the theme detects that no products are present, the bar will be hidden.

Mobile navigation

Choose here on which side of the header you want to show the navigation button. The right side is more convenient to navigate for right-handed people. The left side is the default location for the button.

Left hand side

Create custom navigation in horizontal bar

It is possible to add your own links in the horizontal navigation bar outside the standard links. That works the same as adding extra links in the footer.

“Theme presets” is a dropdown and “Theme documentation” a default link

There are 2 types of custom links. One is with a dropdown menu the other is just a normal link.

To add a normal link just go to Design> Navigation . Then click on the Default menu. When you add links to this menu, they will be visible in the navigation.

It is possible to create a custom dropdown menu. To make it do the following:

Go to> design> Navigation> Button “add menu”

Theme presets

To create the above menu item, give the menu the following name:


So you always start with menu_ to indicate that it should be a dropdown menu. Then the name of the menu item where the spaces are replaced by underscores. So in the case above theme_presets. For example, if you want to link to “The very best Black Friday Deals”, you name the menu: menu_de_allerbeste_black_friday_deals

Once you’ve done that, you can add the links that should appear in the dropdown menu. That just happens in the normal way as you always have.

Updated on February 3, 2022

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