Einstellungen der Produktseite

This section will modify your productpages.

The above image will show you what setting will add/remove which numbered item.

  • (2.) Hide short description: This setting will hide your short description. Especially on mobile devices this is usefull since this will make sure people don’t have to scroll much.
  • Hide EAN: This will hide the EAN number. If you don’t use it then don’t show it.
  • Tags: This will show/hide the product tags attached to this product. The tags are shown near the product description.
  • (1.) Show stock level: This will show the actual stock level of the product.
  • (4.) Hide quantity input: This will hide the quantity input box. Thus will always add 1 to the cart.
  • (3.) Product variants as blocks: This will transform your normal dropdown with variants into simple to click blocks. See image below.
  • (5.) Productpage usp 1 & 2: You can set two new unique selling points for the productpage. These are different then your other usp’s. Tell something about this product.
  • Productpage specifications: When you use product specifications you can set where you want to show them.
    • Show them in description tab: This will show the specification next to the product description.
    • Show them in seperate tab: This will create a new section/tab where the specifications are showed.
    • Completely hide them: If you don’t want to show the specifications then choose thise one.

In this theme you can use, instead of normal text specifications, also checks and crosses. See the image below. To accomplish this just type cross or check inside the specification value.

  • Extra productpage tabs: In this theme you can create a custom tab with information. This tab will be shown below your product description. You can use this to tell your customer something about specific shipping costs etc. This way people don’t have to navigate away from the productpage.

Setup a extra productpage tab: First you have to create a new textpage. Go to Content -> Pages -> Add page. Name your page and add some content. You can choose to set the page to invisible or visible. Setting to visible will also show this page in your information dropdown. Next scroll down to search engines. Copy the part of the url showed in the textbox. So if your page is called “extra productpage tab”, you need to copy extra-productpage-tab. Now go to design -> theme settings and scroll down to the above setting. Paste your url there and your done. If you want to show multiple tabs/pages then repeat above steps for every page and seperate the urls with a comma.

  • Write review text: This will add a custom text in the write a review box. You can use this to encourage people to write a review. So for example: Write a review and we’ll give away a coupon of $100. See the image below:
  • Secondary add to cart section: This will show an extra add to cart section all the way down on your productpage. So when people decide to read all information on this page they will still see the add to cart button and the end of the page. So for adding a product to the cart they don’t have to scroll back to the top again, which will result in better conversions. See the image below.
  • Secondary add to cart section title: You can set a custom title here.
  • Show cutoff/order timer: You can show a order timer on your productpages. So people know how much time they have left before they will recieve their order the next day. This will encourage people to make a quicker buying decision. See the image below.
  • On which days?: You can the days here on which you want to show this timer. This is very usefull for weekend days. So let’s say it’s friday. If people place an order on friday and you deliver on saturday then you can choose to show this timer. However when it’s sunday and people place an order then most of the time you will pack that order on a monday and delivery ios done on a tuesday. In that case you can choose to hide the timer on sundays. Days are set with numbers. So Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2, Saturday = 6 and sunday = 7 .
  • Countdown start: This will show the timer from that time.
  • Countdown end: This is the end time from where the timer will be hidden.

Note: the timer will be hidden after the end time and before the start time. Otherwise a text is displayed with somethjing like: You have 22 hours to fullfill your order. This will make the tiomer useless as it is mentioned to encourage people with shorter time ranges.

Updated on Juni 24, 2021

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